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Q: Which POV should I use for my novel?

A: There are benefits and drawbacks to each POV. First-person POV benefits: The reader is pulled into the personal world of the protagonist and hears his/her voice much more clearly. 1st POV also creates an "immediacy" to the story/plot, and I personally think the reader often identifies with the main character much more with this POV. 1st POV drawbacks: Things can get tricky when you need to relay events/dialogue the main character is not present for. Research this carefully by reading great novels with 1st POV to see how the author handled it. Third-person POV benefits: Other characters can speak/act apart from the main character's presence (see 1st POV drawback above). 3rd POV drawbacks: This POV lacks the personal "voice" of the protagonist that 1st POV offers. You can probably tell that I favor 1st POV in my reading, but a great story told well--in either POV--will convey all that richness to the reader. Do your homework: Glance through your favorite novels again to see which POV is used, and try to get a feel for why it moves you. If you find that it does, I strongly suggest you consider using that POV for your own novel.

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